Assault rifle M21A/M21S

Assault rifle M21A/M21S

Assault Rifle M21A, in NATO calibre 5.56 x 45 mm, was designed on the basis of Kalashnikov system.
Assault rifle M21S was developed from M21A, with shorter barrel, which created a more compact weapon, suited to the conditions of contemporary combat actions.
It is a gas operated rifle, and locking system is rotating bolt.
Reliability of its functioning in various climates and terrains was confirmed by strict testing methods, in accordance with military standards. Due to this, the rifle was included in the armament of the Serbian Military.
The barrel is cold forged with chrome plated interior. This provides durability and exquisite precision of the asault rifle.
Good solutions for ergonomy and excellently balanced weight provide mild recoil and easy control of fire.
Flash hider covers the position of the shooter.
Applied materials, handguards and folding stock made of polymer, and finish on the metal parts provide simple maintenance.
Type of fire is selected by an ambidextous lever, which has three positions: single shot, burst, safety on.
Iron sights with tritium tubes enable aiming at night.
Underbarrel grenade launcher cal. 40 mm, model BGP 40mm, can be mounted on the rifle. 

The set includes:
  • Assault rifle M21 A/S
  • 4 spare magazines
  • Sling
  • Accessories
  • Handling and maintenance manuals 


At customet’s request, the set can optionally include the following:
  • Underbarrel grenade launcher, cal. 40 mm BGP 40 mm 
  • Mount with Picatinny rail, in accordance with NATO standard, which enables the assembly of optical and electronic devices
  • Polymer magazine

M21 AM21 S
Caliber (mm) 5,56
Twist rate (mm)177.8
Number of grooves6
Magazine capacity (rounds)30
Barrel length (mm)460375
Length, overall/folded stock (mm)1000/ 750915 / 666
Weight (kg)4.154.07
Weight of magazine (kg)0.35
Rate of fire (rds/min)600 ± 60

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